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Café de Rome

מלון 3 כוכבים ב- Dakar

Located in the business district of Dakar, just a 5-minute drive from the harbour, Café de Rome offers a casino, a 24-hour reception and a restaurant. The hotel is just a 10-minute drive from the Independence Square.

Decorated in a modern style, all rooms are air-conditioned and feature a TV with satellite channels and a telephone, while some also have a seating area. The en suite bathroom includes a bath or shower.

A breakfast is provided each morning at Café de Rome. Guests can also enjoy local and international specialities in the on-site restaurant.

Additional features include free Wi-Fi access throughout and the organisation of airport transfers. Blaise Diagne International Airport is 60 km from the hotel.


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סקירות של לקוחות

Imran India יום רביעי, 28 בספטמבר 2022 10 /10

Very Good Location , Room Clean & Breakfast

Jan United Kingdom יום ראשון, 18 בספטמבר 2022 8 /10

The hotel is in an excellent location. The rooms are very spacious & the staff are very friendly & helpful. My room had a small kitchen .

Mamadou France יום רביעי, 7 בספטמבר 2022 8 /10

לקוח זה לא השאיר תגובה.

Cheikh United States יום ראשון, 4 בספטמבר 2022 10 /10

לקוח זה לא השאיר תגובה.

Srikanth Thailand יום ראשון, 4 בספטמבר 2022 10 /10

לקוח זה לא השאיר תגובה.

Sisay Senegal יום שישי, 29 ביולי 2022 10 /10

לקוח זה לא השאיר תגובה.

Greer South Africa יום חמישי, 30 ביוני 2022 8 /10

לקוח זה לא השאיר תגובה.

Mohamed Egypt יום שני, 27 ביוני 2022 8 /10

stuff was very helpful and decent

Thierry France יום ראשון, 19 ביוני 2022 8 /10

Downtown, easy

Shaninomi Nigeria יום שבת, 18 ביוני 2022 9 /10

Beside the fantastic location of the property in the heart of the city (metres away from the presidential palace), relative to the places I needed to visit (mainly CODESRIA and UCAD), the other features that stood out to me the most about the property were the sizeable and well articulated bathroom (loved the wall tiles), and the fact that the room also had a sizeable balcony that allowed me to enjoy a view of the city and take some interesting pictures. The hotel also had several dining options around it other than the hotel restaurant and I would encourage anyone staying there to endeavour to take a walk around the hotel to explore these. Oh! and I must mention, ALL the front desk staff were exceptionally courteous and helpful; particularly Malik, Maye and one other gentleman and lady that I didn’t quite catch their names. wifi at the hotel was also quite reliable. All in, I would rate the experience a 9/10 for me.

Maria Gambia יום חמישי, 16 ביוני 2022 8 /10

לקוח זה לא השאיר תגובה.

Cecile France יום ראשון, 29 במאי 2022 8 /10

לקוח זה לא השאיר תגובה.

Gregoire France יום רביעי, 25 במאי 2022 8 /10

לקוח זה לא השאיר תגובה.

Mustafa Turkey יום חמישי, 19 במאי 2022 10 /10

לקוח זה לא השאיר תגובה.

Jan United Kingdom יום שלישי, 17 במאי 2022 10 /10

לקוח זה לא השאיר תגובה.

manojkG1424ME May 9, 2021 5 /5

I have visited yesterday cafe de rome restaurant. Very good.ambience..neat and clean..highly professional staff.. nice food....I have ordered chicken boneless plate( beouchette...I don't know exact name..but very tasty grilled boneless chicken with salad and friies). I would like to recommend everyone to try once this...<span class="postSnippet">restaurant.. of course I will be the regular customer... I am new in dakar. staying in down town area . I tried several restaurant...but this is fantastic...try..<span class="taLnk ulBlueLinks" onclick="widgetEvCall('handlers.clickExpand',event,this);">More

DIDIERGOLF January 19, 2020 3 /5

Overpriced restaurant serving average food. If you could get rid of the flies in the dining room it would be a better place, service is slow, the only thing this place has is location, right on the main plaza downtown and walking distance to everything....<span class="postSnippet">Regular menu serving French dishes and local menus. Place could be cleaner especially cleaning place settings and tables with detergent.<span class="taLnk ulBlueLinks" onclick="widgetEvCall('handlers.clickExpand',event,this);">More

473sumeetg September 14, 2019 5 /5

I stayed in this hotel in 2018 on a business trip to Senegal. It was indeed a great stay. The best thing about the hotel is it's location which very close to independence square and right opposite to an Italian restaurant. Staff was helping. Turn...<span class="postSnippet">off - Wi-Fi speed was not at par my expectations<span class="taLnk ulBlueLinks" onclick="widgetEvCall('handlers.clickExpand',event,this);">More

Ayelet E June 13, 2019 5 /5

Cafe de Rome never fails me. On a hot day, it is the best place for an iced cold beer properly served. (A rare treat in Dakar). The menu is comforting for a many desires. For a full meal with or just a cup of...<span class="postSnippet">coffee. With its white table cloth, and elegant serving style, it's a place I am always very happy to come back for a visit.<span class="taLnk ulBlueLinks" onclick="widgetEvCall('handlers.clickExpand',event,this);">More

875sadiyab May 4, 2019 3 /5

Staff at cafe de rome offer good service. For me the hotel is average because the wifi in my room was extremely slow, as soon as I step out of my corridor the wifi is fully working again, this shows wifi is not properly synchronised...<span class="postSnippet">in rooms. I was in a double room which had comfortable bed, however, the walls were unclean. The staff also did not instruct at check in that you should open cold water in the shower to have hot water, it was the reverse, I ended up showering in cold water on my first night. The floor in the room was clean. No kettle or cups for tea in the room. Clean wardrobe. Good food at restaurant. However my colleague and I suspect that they reuse leftovers because she once received jam at breakfast that seemed to be sealed but when you open it, some jam was already used.<span class="taLnk ulBlueLinks" onclick="widgetEvCall('handlers.clickExpand',event,this);">More

NnennaWestAfrica September 30, 2018 3 /5

So this place is part of a hotel. Or is it the hotel that is part of the Cafe. It does appear to be the last one. But the smoking nearly drove me crazy. appears the place is reputed for high-level meetups and stuff...<span class="postSnippet">like that. They had security at the main entrance that will search and scan. But then I saw a back door..without much as a security guy just standing. Anyways.. place is nice and service is fast. But overall, I think it is over-hyped.<span class="taLnk ulBlueLinks" onclick="widgetEvCall('handlers.clickExpand',event,this);">More

marysW9988SW August 8, 2018 5 /5

This place was one that our team would visit any time we had a major celebration. The food was SO good. Their brochettes and mashed potatoes are so good. And their desserts are dreamy. Please go for me if you want a nice but inexpensive...<span class="postSnippet">meal.<span class="taLnk ulBlueLinks" onclick="widgetEvCall('handlers.clickExpand',event,this);">More

GLA53 May 16, 2018 4 /5

We stayed at this hotel while in Dakar for the biennale Dak’art. Rooms not bad, comfy bed and good bathroom. We enjoyed the brasserie very much. The food is good, particularly the crab salad and fish soup, but all items we had were very good....<span class="postSnippet">Our trip to Senegal included travel to other locations and we were in and out of Dakar, staying at other places but we always came back here to eat! The staff were attentive and fun, the female manager of the hotel is fabulous!<span class="taLnk ulBlueLinks" onclick="widgetEvCall('handlers.clickExpand',event,this);">More

bajajulio February 15, 2018 3 /5

Went to this place because of time. Many of the highend places close between 3 &amp; 7. Seemed cafateriaish to me but rated high by others. Pronably need more visit.

Lelazyblog January 4, 2018 4 /5

In the centre of town, it is a great restaurant to eat at. It offers a moderate selection of international food and also has local specialties.

jeannickO July 20, 2017 5 /5

It is always my great pleasure to come for a lunch in this very well located restaurant. When you are in this place you feel good because the warm welcome and the professionalism of the waiters as well as the dishes listed on the card...<span class="postSnippet">are a must towards the customers.The food is tasteful and various particularly the grilled gambas and the crème brulée! The service is quick and most of time you will have the visit of the chef ! Great meal for your money !<span class="taLnk ulBlueLinks" onclick="widgetEvCall('handlers.clickExpand',event,this);">More

Trave1Bandit July 12, 2017 4 /5

I came here for a quick lunch, between business meetings. This was my experience: POSITIVE POINTS: I am not too keen on Hotel Restaurants, but this one is actually quite good. The décor is pleasing giving you a warm feeling throughout the meal. There are...<span class="taLnk ulBlueLinks" onclick="widgetEvCall('handlers.clickExpand',event,this);">More

749razvanc July 5, 2017 4 /5

The hotel is in a great location, within a kilometer radius from all government offices. It is clean, the staff is very friendly and helpful. The restaurant downstairs has some great dishes, choose anything from the seafood menu and you cannot go wrong at decent...<span class="taLnk ulBlueLinks" onclick="widgetEvCall('handlers.clickExpand',event,this);">More

AlastairJ668 April 11, 2017 4 /5

Last Friday I returned to Café de Rome - one of my favourites of the Dakar restaurant scene - and I was lucky to get even a table for one as the joint was heaving with an appreciative clientele. I enjoyed a delicious and copious...<span class="taLnk ulBlueLinks" onclick="widgetEvCall('handlers.clickExpand',event,this);">More

sono974 February 13, 2017 4 /5

Nothing special but not bad either. Had a drink one of my first time in Dakar so discovered nicer places since

Stephane G January 5, 2017 5 /5

Nice food right in the center of Dakar. The Cafe de Rome is actually a restaurant inside an hotel. The service is excellent, and the food well presented and very good. International / european type of dishes, so that's a change from the local fares....<span class="taLnk ulBlueLinks" onclick="widgetEvCall('handlers.clickExpand',event,this);">More

616tomm October 18, 2016 5 /5

We ate here on our first night in town. The seafood mixed grill was excellent. Not cheap, but the menu is extensive

Neal J July 25, 2016 4 /5

This Restaurant is a good choice when you are tired and looking for a predictable meal. That is not to say the menu is boring, but rather that it presents many options, ranging from Senegalese seafood to Italian standbys. They have a decent (for West...<span class="taLnk ulBlueLinks" onclick="widgetEvCall('handlers.clickExpand',event,this);">More

simelv June 1, 2016 3 /5

Service could be friendlier. Caters more to those who feel they are of upper class. The food was fine, though not outstanding.

shawnefaye February 20, 2016 3 /5

Cafe du Rome offers many Italian options - most of which are quite good - but expensive. I had the meat lasagne which was very tasty and fresh. The service was also pretty good. What threw me off was the atmosphere of the place. There...<span class="taLnk ulBlueLinks" onclick="widgetEvCall('handlers.clickExpand',event,this);">More

happy9710 February 17, 2016 3 /5

I went because friends dragged me there... Unfortunately, it must have been a bad day for Café de ROme as the service was not very friendly and the food even sadder. You can miss this one.

StephanD128 October 18, 2015 3 /5

I know this place from previous visits in dakar. the food and service are always good standard - I didn't experience this time something extraordinary. but also to explain with the fact that it was on a Sunday night and new (weekly) menu will be...<span class="taLnk ulBlueLinks" onclick="widgetEvCall('handlers.clickExpand',event,this);">More

Philip Ian B October 6, 2015 4 /5

Couple of minutes walk from the national museum, so a nice place for coffee/lunch afterwards. Free WiFi

Bharat111450 September 1, 2015 5 /5

I have been always enjoying my stay at this Hotel... Lovely Casino, good people around... many Chinese enjoy Casino here.....

Bootsieboo1 August 6, 2015 5 /5

I absolutely loved the time that I spent at Cafe de Rome!!! The atmosphere is excellent and the staff is very warm and friendly. Additionally, the food is outstanding and very tasty. I would definitely recommend tourists to visit Cafe de Rome whenever they are...<span class="taLnk ulBlueLinks" onclick="widgetEvCall('handlers.clickExpand',event,this);">More

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  • Our Lady of Victories Cathedral 0.2 ק''מ
  • Théâtre national Daniel Sorano 0.4 ק''מ
  • National Gallery of Art of Senegal 0.8 ק''מ
  • Sandaga Market 0.9 ק''מ
  • Pointe Bernard 1.4 ק''מ
  • Dakar Grand Mosque 1.6 ק''מ
  • Soumbedioune Artisan Market 2.7 ק''מ
  • מג'יק לנד 3.2 ק''מ
  • IFAN Museum 3.9 ק''מ

אטרקציות פופולריות

  • House of Slaves 4.1 ק''מ
  • Sea Plaza 5.2 ק''מ
  • Mosque of the divinity 8.1 ק''מ
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  • Mamelles lighthouse 9.6 ק''מ
  • Golf Club de Dakar - Technopole 10.5 ק''מ
  • Golf Des Almadies 13.4 ק''מ

יופי טבעי

  • SEA PLAZA (הר) 2 ק''מ

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  • Leopold Sedar Senghor Airport 10.6 ק''מ
  • Blaise Diagne International Airport 39.7 ק''מ

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Café de Rome

30, boulevard de la Republique, 10000 Dakar, Senegal
מספר טלפון :  +221 33 849 02 00
קו האורך : -17.43574798
קו הגובה : 14.66612971
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